Top Advantages of Mobile Spy Software

Top Advantages of Mobile Spy Software1

Nowadays, children are using smartphones, tablets and computer at a very early age. This provides them the opportunity to learn new things, but at the same time they are prone to various kinds of threats also. It is imperative for parents to know what they are doing online. Children are softtargets; predators are always looking for them on the Internet as well as in the real world. The spy mobile software will provide support and the functionality to look after the kids even if they are away from home.

Mobile tracking device, or monitoring system works like a digital bodyguard, which is keeping a strict vigil on your kids.

Features of Mobile Spy Software

Top Advantages of Mobile Spy Software

There are many features, which are offered by mobile spy software company to help you become a good parent. Its features also depend on the services you take and the mobile device you run it on. You will be flabbergasted to see powerful services working at your fingertips and safeguarding your kids.

  • GPS map location for live as well as the recorded traveled paths.
  • You will get a list of received and dialed calls.
  • You will have the authority to block calls and text messages from the numbers of your choice.
  • You can read all the text messages, including messengers and email. It doesn’t matter, whether you are receiving messages from Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or any other application.
  • You can view all the pictures and videos saved on that mobile device.
  • You can check contact list and address book.

The list does not end here; you will get live alerts with a couple of more parental control features to safeguard your children.

Remotely Use Camera and Microphone

Advanced spy mobile services also provide you services to remotely activate the microphone and this will make you hear what your children are talking about. In case they are moving on the wrong path, you can bring them back. Activating the camera from anywhere will let you see the place where your children are sitting or with whom they are hanging out.

Limiting the Usage Hours of Mobile Device

Other than benefitting from the above mentioned features of remotely activating microphone and camera, blocking and receiving alerts, you can also set a limit of hours for your kids to use the smartphone in a day. Needless to mention that spy software is a necessity to save your kids from an array of threats.